5 comments on “First Light – Sony A7s

  1. Thank you for this play-by-play. I always wondering what the difference would be during integration if you used longer, but fewer subs, as opposed to shorter, but more. This is an excellent comparison.

    Would this experiment hold true with mirrored DSLRs like Canons and Nikons as well?

    • cool, thanks. Yes the comparisons would have the same result. In the end, you can’t beat having the shutter open for longer,to collect more photons. I’m just trying to arrive at the most efficient balance.

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for the informative posts. The images are really nice as well!

    I just purchased a A7s (unmodified) and I’m wondering what Canon to Sony E adapter you use.
    You mentioned that the adapter assures the solid connection and that is the most important to me so I like to buy the same one.

    Did you get any adapter for external DC power or do you use the camera battery?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, I replied to your question on Flickr, it’s a Vello adapter. I bought a Sony mains adapter, but have discovered the batteries are excellent, lasting for 5 hrs of imaging!

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